Interior Design  
   I hear this too often from my clients: "I don't want to tell you what I really want because I'm afraid it's wrong.
   " This is so sad- because there is no such thing as a wrong idea! When it comes to the rooms you live in everyday, 
   your vision is always the right one. No matter what your budget, you deserve to be happy with your living space.
   From a simple paint refresher (we can help you choose the colors for your walls, celings, and trim) to a full-blown re-do
   (we can help you decide on window treatments, floor coverings, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), 
   Schumacher Interiors will make a big scary job seem easy and fun!
                                        If you are looking to sell your home, Schumacher Interiors can help. "But why would I want to put a lot of money into my house
                                        if I'm just going to sell it??"  YOU DON'T NEED TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY! 
                                        Improving the sale-potential of your home does not need to cost a fortune - when you know how. That's where we come in!
                                        Good design needn't cost a fortune - We have an eye for using items that you already have in your home to their best advantage
                                        and the experience to show you how. Our design team can assist you in making all the neccessary changes  
                                        in the most advantageous and cost-effective ways.
                                        Our clients understand that they need to give their home the best chance in this tough market.
                                        We will give you honest advice and work hard to revamp and refresh your home to its most attractive selling potential.
                    Custom fabric work    
                                        Schumacher Interiors takes great pride in our custom farbic works.  From draperies to slipcovers or even just pillows,
                                        we love to take fabric and turn it into something unique and special for our clients.   

                    Custom artwork
                    Schumacher Interiors is made up of a team of fine artists,highly skilled,and passionate about our ability 
                                        to create custom artwork to client specifications.  Our artists have been commissioned to paint and draw 
                                        an array of subjects, including homes and people that are precious to our clients. 
                                        Schumacher Interiors is always happy to help people capture treasured memories in our unique way. 

                    Special occasions 
                                        Do you want to have a real "wow"-factor in your holiday decorations? Call us! We can help you impress for less.
                                        Holiday home staging is one of our most favorite things. We love holidays and we adore a good party
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